Sunday, 3 August 2014

Goodbye China Dinner

Our agency arranged for one final dinner for everyone in our adoption group to get together one more time and say good bye to each other and to China. Next day was the fly home day. It is amazing to think that two weeks have passed already, seems like not so long ago we just met our new daughter at the Nanchang Civil Affairs office, rushing in from our flight with no time even to change our clothes. Here it was time to go home already with our children. Before the party we went to the market and a small grocery store. There was lots of meat of all kinds, some vegies, lots of candy and nuts, plenty of all kinds of nuts. Here is Maya working on her breakfast of the usual noodles. So far all she wants at home is noodles.

Everyone was pretty excited and ready to go home. At the party there was dance presented by some dancers and then the children's favorite, the clown came on to make them laugh. All the children sat up front of the stage. Maya did not sit with the little children but nearby. She did often go to see and talk to our tour guide Michael and the Yulin from the agency.  At first I thought she should be sitting with us and wanted her to be with us but then thought that soon the big change will come when she flies home to a place where there will be no one who understands her nearby so I let her sit where she wanted but visited with her. She came back to us on her own, bringing us the beautiful scroll with her name on it and then later a piece of the cake.

I'm glad we didn't stay in line to get a name scroll since we got one here but I really wanted one. And so this last night in China came to an end. We were ready to get to bed and get the much needed rest as the next day check out was at 12:30 so not much time for sleeping in. We were just getting somewhat used to the China time and now it was time to go.

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