Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Arrival Part 1

I really want to finish posting our journey to Maya. It is coming to a close, well it's already done but here on my blog I'd like to complete the homecoming with some photos. I did have a photographer come out and get some good family portraits of Maya's first moments on Canadian soil. It was all a blurr for me. I could hardly believe that we were home and that Maya was there with us. I had my video camera on but it was not recording and I never even noticed. I'm mad at myself for that but luckily others were taping and I got a hold of one short film I was able to make scans of. As we got out of the gate there was a loud welcome greeting to our left where our family and friends waited for us. There were big signs and lots of smiles. I don't think Maya really knew what was going on or that it was all for her. She didn't know anyone though everyone knew her. They've seen her photos, heard of our news, step by step and many awaited her arrival as eagerly as we did. Though we were really dead tired we were ok, I guess sheer excitement of being home kept us going.

What is so wonderful also is that there was a Friends reunion happening. Another little girl who was adopted last year from the same orphanage as Maya lives nearby and they were sweet enough to come out to the airport to meet Maya and have her friend there, as a familiar face and someone who speaks her language she could talk to if needed. As it turns out both girls were quite shocked to see each other again. Maya's friend knew all about her homecoming and was eagerly expecting her arrival. Maya knew that her friend lived somewhere close by but had no idea that she would meet her at the airport so she was really surprised to see her.

Soon one excitement was over, of meeting the family and seeing old friends who promised to keep in touch. We will get them together again as soon as we can. It was time for more excitement as it was we headed home, Maya's new home. She was interested to look around her and see what she can see from the van. She had a little support from our grandson Brandon who held her hand almost the entire time. It was interesting to see them interact. We tried to explain to Maya that she would be Brandon's aunt and he her nephew but not so sure if she understood. I still wonder what went through her mind at that time as her new life evolved slowly before her. Everything would be new to her, everyone she meets a stranger at first but we hoped she would eventually understand and accept her as her family.

At last we reached the front door and just like that Maya walked through them. The dogs were there to greet her excitedly. She was a little skittish at first, scared a little because they just get way too excited when someone is at the front door, wanting to greet them by jumping on them so they can get to know them quick but that was a little much for Maya so we had to take the dogs, three of them with our daughter's dog Sabrina, to the back so Maya could come in with full confidence. She did well while waiting patiently until the dogs were out of the way.

Brandon also got his Chinese silk outfit which fit him quite well, the sisters got robes and Maya is wearing her dress. She says it's a little big. It doesn't look big to me but if it is I'm sure she will grow into it.

We had a little fun dressing up and Maya styling hair but soon it was time to put it all away and get some rest. It was a super long day for us, especially for Maya, a day filled with excitement of new people and places, a new house to call home. I really don't know if she lived in a house or an apartment before, I forgot to ask but hopefully soon she will be able to tell us when she learns English which she is learning fast.

So here it was the first sleep in her new bed with a new Barbie she an now call her own. Even though we were all so tired it was hard to settle down but eventually we did.  And so our new daughter slept under the same roof and our journey was complete. 

We had a photographer come out to the airport to take photos and I will have those pictures to share with you soon. 

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