Friday, 8 August 2014

Hello Home

Going back to the day we had to board the plane for Canada and fly for 13 hours we had our suitcases ready or pick up by 11 am. We bought another large suitcase to make sure we could fit all our things we bought it's a good think we did so because it was full. Two of the three cases were a little over in weight but they went through ok. We had to leave the hotel at 12:30 pm or so as other families who live out west had a plane to catch earlier than ours.  I was sad to think that this was the last day our daughter would spend in China for quite some time anyway. She could tell there was more commotion on this day and the bus was filled with families so she was not taking this lightly. She always fell asleep just as we were suppose to get off the bus. It doesn't seem to be done on purpose but it does make things more difficult when she wakes up. We had hours to kill and our plane was delayed so we had lunch at the airport, then waited at the Air Canada gate and watched planes. It was going good. We Skyped with the kids one last time. Our grandson couldn't wait to finally see his aunt Maya in person.

It was a good think we were leaving because last couple of days smog had really taken over the air. More people wear masks on these days. Maya spoke to the orphanage director before we left China. 

\We found some more Chinese books at the airport and they came in handy to keep her busy. She read and watched the box of cartoons we got her.

Waving Good Bye China just before take off. The flight was great. There were no problems and Maya did great. It helped that we had seats by the isle so we could easily move around. Just before take off she fell asleep again and we had to wake her for the landing, get her seat belt on which now she did not want to keep on but we made it somehow. 

Here is a tired girl but in one peace and finally in Canada. We were ready to meet our family and get home.

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