Saturday, 26 July 2014

Love, Maya

It was a free day today, other than getting Maya's Chinese passport no other appointments to keep so we kept to our room but we did go swimming and it was obvious Maya had not been swimming or a big pool before. She was very scared. I tried to assure her that Mommy and Daddy will be there but once she got in the water and Daddy held her it was not long until she got used to it or at least as much as one can get used to water everywhere the first time. It did help that her friend from BC, a girl of same age was there as well to show her what fun can be had in the pool. She did cling to us the entire time but tried a couple of things on her own. There was also a TV there and she wanted to stop and watch for a bit.  She later drew us this heart. Don't know what the writing says but I hope it's good.

Took a bit of a walk down the block looking for some shops or a shopping mall but nothing came up, not even a souvenir shop. There was an appliance store and some various vegetables or smoke shops so back we went to the hotel. It was just too hot to continue walking, not knowing where we were going.

Maya loves to go to her Daddy if she wants something but she usually cuddles with me and wants me to sleep with her and mostly prefers me to do stuff with but not by much, as I said she seeks out Daddy quite a bit too. 

We did nails today, mother daughter same color, I painted her nails, she painted mine. Of course she wanted to paint daddy's to but it was a no go, lol. The color is called appropriately Orchid which is the meaning of Lanlan. She was quite surprised when I showed her I would paint my nails, I showed her how it's done and then started painting hers, she was shocked.

Our daughter had two bowls of Chinese dumplings of 12 dumplings per servings. Better brush us my skills on dumpling making, it could be the only thing she eats at first, that and Swiss Chard, the green stuff.  Then I got my spaghetti and started out with a fork but she brought me chop sticks and lo and behold I managed to eat the whole thing with them, struggled at times but did it, yeay. Here she took pictures of this monumental moment, lol.


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